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 How is your team?  Could it be even better?  

Do you recognise any of these very common team issues?
























Typical team interventions tailored specifically to your needs:


Chemistry Session

  • 1 short session for the whole team to explain the approach and set expectations, followed by:

  • For smaller teams, a day of short conversations with each team member (or representative of each team) to build trust, to uncover issues, to inform the required intervention, or

  • For larger teams, an anonymous survey to enable all voices to be heard, whilst using time efficiently.


  • where the common themes are fed back (no-one is specifically quoted) to find the common ground and gain agreement to the process.

A minimum of 3 sessions (usually no more than 6) tailored specifically to address your needs to include:

  • Design and development

  • Facilitated team sessions

  • Between session tasks (based on existing workloads and meetings – ie not extra work, just a new way of working with your current workload) to achieve accountability and progress.

  • Follow up and redesign as the team dynamic shifts

  • Materials as required


Typical virtual packages cost from £3000 to £5000

Typical face to face packages cost from £6000 to £9000


Contact us for your first free consultation:      [email protected]


Taster sessions are available to pilot the approach, download these session outlines:



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