"For me, the systems coaching has helped our team to realise the importance of being aligned on key topics within the business and enabled us to have the topic of “good” communication consistently on our radar. This not only benefits our senior team but the wider business team and delivers an overall more professional and co-ordinated approach.  It has helped me to become more open and willing to share my honest views on topics within the team as I feel it is now more of a safe environment in which to do that.  As part of this process we have been challenged to closely examine our own behaviours and this has helped us all to look at the impact of our own actions on the “system”, it has been quite enlightening!  It was certainly a worthwhile journey and we’ve still not quite reached the destination but we are well on the way with the tools we now have. Thank you for your support Lindsey, it has been great working with you.

Julie Pegg, Business Improvement Director.  Siemens Plc


"Lindsey has delivered eight management development programmes for Imtech Inviron and each one goes from strength to strength thanks to her passion and enthusiasm for what she does. She really gets to the core of learning about our business to create 'real' material and delivers it in an down to earth, open style. She makes time for all the delegates and goes beyond to inspire them. She is always sharing new and practical insights to help others develop. Thank you Lindsey!"  

Katherine Parkes, HR Advisor.  Imtech Inviron


"Lindsey supported our management training throughout 2015/16 and will continue to do so. Lindsey is really flexible in her approach to ensure she is reaching out to the real pressure points of the delegates. She makes sure the training is related to real-life situations and is always happy to go off-track to suit the delegates and/or situation. I have really enjoyed working with Lindsey and have had fantastic feedback from the managers taking part in the training for every session." Emma Lloyd, HR Strategy and Talent Manager.  Quick Release


"Lindsey is able to understand an organisation and its requirements quickly and as a result develop and deliver management and leadership development programmes successfully. She is constantly evaluating and evolving the training she delivers to ensure it continues to add value."  

Neil Johnson, Executive Director.  CBRE


"Lindsey... delivered a very helpful intervention to Share's newly formed Wellbeing and Independent Living Team. The team had come out of a restructure and there were some potentially edgy issues to address. They started by getting to understand the whole organisation by running a very enjoyable session for all staff. This was helpful in surfacing some challenges faced by members of staff which we've been able to address. It was also a good team booster as people were overwhelmingly positive about their experience of working for Share. The follow-on day with the newly configured Wellbeing and Independent Living team was a great way of allowing people to express their hopes and concerns in a safe and confidential space. The change has gone much more smoothly than I would have anticipated, and I think Lindsey's input really helped."

Annie McDowall, CEO. Share Community

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