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Do you want more for your relationship?  Do you recognise any of these issues?


  • Do you feel as though you're not fully hearing each other?

  • Are you struggling with changes to roles (after moving house, having children, coping with lockdown, etc.)?

  • Have you lost some of the amazing connection you used to share?

  • Are you stuck on a particular issue, that you can't find agreement on?

  • Are wider family relationships causing an issue for your relationship?

  • Do you find yourself "losing it", when you've promised yourself you will behave differently next time?

  • Are things just not turning out how you expected?


These are all really normal, common changes that we go through in relationships.


What can we do for you?


We promise no judgement, equal air time, tools to help you find connection, hear each other, find new ways of being with each other, a more positive approach to conflict to renew your relationship.


We do not offer therapy, we are not relationship guidance counsellors, we will not give you trite phrases to use to contain or suppress your feelings.  We will just listen, translate, reflect, help you to communicate naturally and honestly.


We are                        (Organisation Relationship Systems Coaches) learn more


Typically we will need a minimum of three sessions, generally no more than six sessions will be required.  £50 per 90 minute session.


Contact us for your first free consultation.        Email:  [email protected]




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