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Traditional change management doesn’t work.  

When was the last time you achieved your desired outcomes, on time, with everyone aligned?












Companies and teams are made up of complex, intelligent, emotional people.  


When we spend too long in the dry, practical, “bullet point" world, we become weary, lose touch with the true meaning of our vision and change becomes something to avoid or resist.


We don’t “buy” written vision statements, we connect on an emotional level with the essence of what we stand for.


We need to:

  • recognise the creativity and intelligence of our network

  • reveal all the voices (even the unpopular ones) and understand that all voices are expressing (no matter how unskillfully) what the team needs to move forward

  • help people get back in touch with the original essence of what we are as a company or team; what we stand for; what makes us, us

  • help the team voice their dreams for a better future

  • overcome the nagging doubts ”we’ll never achieve that, it will never work, we don’t deserve that!"

  • from that original essence, dream up what is possible and then (and only then)...

  • move back to solid ground to put the ideas into tangible actions.


Then we’ll have teams committed to change and achieving the truly remarkable

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A New Approach to Change

The old way of working relied on goals, step by step processes and “selling” the change to achieve ”buy-in” to get from point A (current state) to point B (future state) in a straight line.

Human beings with emotional needs don’t do “being sold to” and change doesn’t happen in “straight lines".  By the time you’ve partially implemented, point B might not even still be the right place anymore!


Leading people to work towards your goals in straight lines doesn’t make it so, it engenders resistance.